The brushes have dropped! For Paint Annapolis 2020, we invited artists who could attend to come paint alongside the nineteen juried artists for the entire week. Their work is now hanging at MFA’s Pop Up Gallery at 186 Main Street. Check out the exhibition online right here or in person through October 22nd.

At our award ceremony Friday night, we announced both the juried and public awards, and now here they are for you to see! Click here to watch the reception (we’re working on editing it together with a thank you message from MAPAPA and taking out some of the technical problem so subscribe to us on YouTube to see the polished version when it drops).

Here are the Paint Annapolis 2020 Public Artist Award Winners

Annapolis Gallery Association Award

Awarded by the Annapolis Gallery Association (Body of Work, one featured here)

Acton Cove, oil on linen panel, by Chris Rapa


2020, oil, by Melissa Gryder

Friends of the Arts (FOTA) Awards

Third Place
Maryland Ave, watercolor, by Rajenda KC
Second Place
A River for All to Enjoy, watercolor, by Stacy Sass
First Place
Shrub on the Severn, oil on panel, by Edmond Samuel Praybe III

Mayor’s Awards

Awarded by the Mayor of Annapolis, Gavin Buckley

Third Place
Secret Garden at Reynolds Tavern, oil, by Jane Ferguson
Second Place
Annapolis Downtown, watercolor, by Rajenda KC
First Place
Crooked Cornhill St., oil, by Fred Jackson

Click here to see all the work online – or swing by Circle Gallery and our Pop Up Gallery at 186 Main Street to see everything in person through October 22nd.

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