Since we’re spending Valentine’s Day this year in quarantine, we took the liberty of making you a list of things you can do with your significant other while social distancing!

Also, we tried to think of things you didn’t have to do with a romantic partner so that everyone could enjoy Valentine’s Day. Take your mom out for coffee, or you and your roommate can have an art date! Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love so do so with whoever you love.

Red and White Still Life, photography, by MFA Member Wayne Guenther from Small Wonders 2020

1. Spend a day at the gallery / at galleries around Annapolis

We know not everyone feel’s comfortable getting out right now, but the galleries around Annapolis are trying their best to keep people social distanced and have the necessary precautions. If you haven’t been out for a little while, take your s/o (significant other) out on the town! Here’s a little map that takes you to five Annapolis galleries. Everything is in walking distance from another, and there’s some lovely little detours if the art isn’t romantic enough.

2. Have an art date

Making a Valentine’s card is not the only crafty thing to do to show someone you love them. Why not just paint a whole portrait of them? Or, even better, follow along on a Bob Ross painting tutorial together. What I’m trying to say, involve art into a date night! Order some craft supplies or head to your local art store and pick up some brushes, paint, and something to create on.

3. Head on a mural tour of Annapolis

Face it, you’ve been staying inside a lot lately and your regular quarantine walks aren’t cutting it. Take your s/o out on a little walk or drive around Annapolis to scout out all the incredible murals that never get enough credit. Stop for some photos, maybe grab a coffee from Brown Mustache, and enjoy the art that graces our fair city.

4. Get your loved one (and yourself) a ticket to Collector’s Choice

Nothing says I love you like being original, so why not buy your loved one something original? Getting a ticket to Collector’s Choice guarantees you’ll go home with a new work of art by one of MFA’s artist Members. Work will be on display later in March but tickets just went on sale this week! Grab a general ticket for this digital event or a VIP ticket for things that will make the night an even better experience.

5. Head on a virtual tour of some of the most famous galleries in the world

Even if we can’t take them to Paris right now, we can still take our Valentine’s to the Louvre! The virtual ways we can experience art have quadrupled since this time last year, giving people on other sides of the world access to art and culture. Check out work virtually from The National Gallery of Art, The Musée d’Orsay in Paris, the Guggenheim Museum, and The J. Paul Getty Museum in LA.

Wherever you celebrate this day of love and whatever you do try and eat and shop local. There’s plenty of romantic ways to propose take out, and that might be enough to make this Valentine’s Day in quarantine special enough ❤️

Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Martha Campbell, MFA Communications Manager

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