Paint Annapolis is on the way! Learn more about the juried artists and get yourself ready for this historic Plein air painting festival. 

New York-based artist Jackie Clark was born in Natick, Massachusetts, and raised in Edgewater, Maryland. She is a life member of the Art Students League of New York and a member of the American Impressionist Society. Jackie has studied extensively with master painters, Frank Liljegren, David Leffel, and Mary Beth Mckenzie. Her other areas of study within the field of the arts include photography at ICP, scenic painting and design with Lester Polakov, and the decorative arts with Mark Gardereau in Paris.

Jackie is a specialist in the field of decorative arts and has worked throughout the country on many historic theaters, churches, and state buildings as a decorative painter, conservator, and Gilder. Since retiring from decorative painting, Clark now dedicates all her time in the studio, and outdoors painting the landscape and the figure.

Her use of exuberant brushstrokes lends a unique vitality to her work. There’s a verve to Jackie’s paintings, something she describes as ‘Less the thing, and more the space it occupies”

"Sentinel of Time" by Jackie Clark
“Sentinel of Time” by Jackie Clark

See more about Jackie over on her website.

Join Jackie as one of 24 juried artists for this year’s Paint Annapolis Plein air festival. Learn more at

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