Today, we all wear masks – but who is the man behind the mask? Just as social norms for women have changed images of femininity, the definition of masculinity has changed drastically as well. So just who is that masked man – or what masks does he wear? The works selected by juror Anthony Shostak will be displayed online in MFA’s Curve Gallery through May 31st.

Read on to see who won Honorable Mentions and Juror’s Choice for this show! Check out the whole show here. 

Honorable Mention Awards

Rashad Ali Muhammad

Rashad Ali Muhammad, Under the Sun No. 1, mixed media on paper

Campbell Wright

Campbell Wright, Portrait with Masks, paint, digital on paper

Kay Fuller

Kay Fuller, Barber of Bergamo, watercolor


Juror’s Choice Awards

Jim Earl

Jim Earl, Jump for Joy, silkscreen

Harriet Lesser

Harriet Lesser, Michael Loves Manet, oil, charcoal on canvas

Eileen French

Eileen French, Pool Boy, oil, charcoal on canvas

Brandin Barón

Brandin Barón, Casanova, digital archival photo on silver paper (print 2/3)

Blandine Broomfield

Blandine Broomfield, Avalanche Rescue at the Hotel Riggopiano, oil

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