Paint Annapolis is on the way! Learn more about the juried artists and get yourself ready for this historic Plein air painting festival. 

A native of Maryland, Carol has lived in the Metropolitan DC area and now lives in Annapolis. Carol began her career as an accomplished art director/graphic designer working at national advertising agencies. Eventually, she started her own design business and her primary client was National Geographic. Her design background has given her a solid foundation of the value of strong ideas, composition, and color in her approach to painting.

Carol Cowie portrait

“Painting in oil has become my passion. I have always been awestruck by nature’s beauty which is why I love to paint from life or in Plein Air. Whether I am outdoors or in my studio, my painting always starts with an idea. Sometimes it is the light, or a play of patterns and rhythms of shadows, magnificent skies, or simply a bold color. I always compose my concept in a small sketch to help me stick to my idea. I believe a good design is the bones of a good painting. From there it’s all fun mixing color, changing up brushwork, variation in edges, calligraphy, and dynamic energy. Paintings need to be expressive and draw the viewer in without a lot of detail, so I stick to my lifelong professional motto: keep it simple.”

Artwork by Carol Cowie

Carol enjoys competing in Plein Air Competitions and has participated in Paint Annapolis Annapolis, Easels in Frederick, Plein Air Easton, and many others around the country winning several awards. Carol has exhibited in galleries throughout Maryland at Lowe House Gallery, Maryland Federation of Art’s Circle Gallery, Benfield Gallery, Crystal Moll Gallery, A.M. Gravely Gallery, River Gallery Galesville, The Galleries at Quiet Waters Park, and River Gallery Chestertown. She is a member of the Mid Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association, Maryland Federation of Art, and Working Artist Forum.

Join Carol as one of the juried artists for this year’s Paint Annapolis Plein air festival. Learn more at

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