Me: Hello! My name is Juliana Ochs and I am part of the staff of Maryland Federation of Art. I enjoy baking, being with my family, reading, and physical activities. I was born and raised in Maryland and I have just Graduated From Chesapeake Bay Senior High school and I am getting ready to go to college. As I’ve grown I’ve found a passion for creating art and I hope to make it a career. Art has helped me express myself as a kid with overwhelming social anxiety, it also helped me become a way more sociable person because I found friends with this similar passion for art.

My Art: I mostly enjoy drawing and studio arts. My favorite art mediums to use being oil pastels, charcoal, colored pencils, and acrylic paints. I also sometimes do digital art. I take a lot of influence from renaissance aged art and I am very inspired by old literature, some big examples being Shakespeare and Hawthorne. Mythology also has a huge impact on my ideas for my artworks. They bring in fun and creepy perspectives to the world that I always want to add on to. I study old works constantly and hope to grow to have an art style similar to the “Old Greats” when it comes to my paintings.

MFA & Me: I am working here because I would like to be able to meet new amazing artists and see how they present themselves in the art world. I also want to have experience working in places where art is around and I can see the more business/marketing side of the art world. In a couple years I would like to see myself working as an artist or at least be able to participate in things as an artist.

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