EMPIRE OF ART- 2021  International Art Competition Ι Photography

Deadline: September 01, 2021

Medium: Photography

    This is an exhibit for photographers around the world! Photographers 18 years and older can submit their works and win cash prizes. Money not enough? First place winner of this event gets to have their work in a solo show on broadway! 

Click Here to sign up and get information on this competition


MARYLAND FEDERATION OF ART- Strokes of Genius 2021

Deadline: September 02, 2021

Medium: All

    A juried competition at MFA where artists can show off their best original 2D Paintings. This competition is open to artists from the United States, DC, and Puerto Rico. Selected works from this competition will be displayed at MFA’s circle gallery from October 29th to November 27th, 2021. Up to 6 works that have been made within the past three years are allowed for entry. This competition also has cash awards

Click HERE to learn entry guidelines and apply.

MARYLAND FEDERATION OF ART – Elemental: Earth, Fire, Water, Air 2021

Deadline: September 02, 2021

Medium: All

MFA opens up their doors to the whimsical world we live in with an exhibit all about the four elements. Pieces that involve any of the four elements in any way possible are eligible to be apart of the online show at MFA.  Selected works will be displayed on the MFA’s online Curve Gallery from October 15 to November 30th, 2021.

Click HERE to learn more and apply.

Deines Cultural Center- Mystery, Magic & the Macabre Juried Exhibition

Deadline: September 03, 2021

Medium: All

An exhibition open for artists 18 and up, it celebrates thoughtful and unique 2D and 3D portrayals of what we see as dark, mysterious and spooky. This competition also awards more than $1,500 in prizes. With an entry fee of 25 dollars for 3 pieces

To learn more and to apply, click HERE.


Deadline: September 04, 2021

Medium: All

This online exhibition challenges online artists to explore the concept of memory and time- more precisely the recollection of it. This exhibit allows for works made out of any materials from paints to fabrics to jewelry. Entry Fee 

Click HERE to learn more and submit your entries.

ALL SHE MAKES- International Art Magazine Application

Deadline: September 05, 2021

Medium: All

An event for those who are and identify as a woman or LGBTQ+ who come from anywhere to show off their work for it to be entered as part of the magazine. This event is brought in to highlight works made by women and the LGBTQ+ community. Entry Fee.

Click HERE to learn more and submit your entries.


Deadline: September 10, 2021

Medium: All

   This is for the work that revolves around life and death, the macabre, and the term “Memento Mori”. It calls for artists who feel like outsiders or are emerging artists who want to show off their darker works. $20 Entry Fee. 

To learn more and submit your entries, click HERE.

Alpharetta Arts Center- A Slice of Life: Ordinary Beauty

Deadline: September 13, 2021

Medium: All

  This exhibit is here to celebrate what we usually consider as nothing special. Whether it be the your backyard garden or nick knacks you have lying on the table this exhibit encourages you to make a work of art out of it. This exhibit allows 2D and 3D art entries no matter how boring, practical or mundane it may seem. Entry fee.

To learn more and submit your entries, click HERE.

SHENANDOAH VALLEY ARTS CENTER-EMERGE: Local and Emerging Artists at the Fall Foliage Art Show

Deadline: September 15, 2021

 This is a two day juried art festival that features $10,000 in awards. With around 15,000-20,000 people coming to this event it is a great way to get your work noticed by others. Artists are responsible for all display materials.

For more information, click HERE.

GALLERY SABINE- Representations of Daily life ( All Mediums)

Deadline: September 16, 2021

Mediums: All

This exhibit is here to highlight the now. The beauty and politics of everyday life are what’s desired to be in this exhibit. Urbanism, a hike in the mountains, commuting to work or just everyday leisure are a few of the copious possibilities for this exhibit.

For more information about, click HERE.


Deadline: September 17, 2021

  The best way to show off your new superhero or a to- be infamous villain. This is an art show for those who love fiction and creating new vast experiences. 10 dollar Entry fee.

For more information, click HERE.










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