Meet Stephanie Wyvill

Meet this week’s featured artist and staff member, Stephanie Wyvill. As one of our interns, she started in June this year, just in time to jump right in to Paint Annapolis!

ME: Hello! My name is Stephanie Wyvill. I began interning at the Maryland Federation of Art this past June. I am studying graphic design at Anne Arundel Community College. I live in a small town by the water in Southern Maryland. I’m inspired by the beautiful sunsets and the exquisite gardens I observe as I ride by on my longboard. Encounters with wildlife is an everyday occurrence. Which is not just the neighborhood squirrels, but, blue herons, jellyfish, ospreys and the occasional blue or yellow birds. I enjoy painting, calligraphy, designing, producing videos, and photography.

Juxtaposition, acrylic paint, 2021

MY ART: I am definitely an artist of my generation, influenced by the explosion of creativity online. I am inspired by the YouTube videos I watch about how paint is made by PearFleur, how to illustrate a picture book by Sha’an d’Anthes, an Australian, or how to write letters in Calligraphy by The Morgan Library & Museum. On Instagram, a photographer named Jamie Beck created a unique work of art each day for sixty days during lockdown in Provence, France, called Isolation Creation. She filmed her daily process, where she intentionally and meticulously arranged the scene. The internet has made it possible to learn from people around the world.

Love, magazine and fabric, Drawing for Fashion Class
Patterns of the Mind, mixed media, egg shells, cardboard, gouache and ink

MFA & ME: Working at MFA is an incredible opportunity. My favorite part so far has been meeting so many wonderful people and many amazing artists. I loved helping during Paint Annapolis 2021 and editing our YouTube videos. I really enjoy working in the gallery and learning more about each artist in this community. I look forward to each new exhibition and I’m so grateful to be a part of this team. I’m excited to learn even more as I study and work at the Circle Gallery.

(1 of 4) Semester Final Project, watercolor, 2021
(1 of 2) Depth Diptych, ink, 2021
(2 of 4) Semester Final Project, watercolor, 2021

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