Paint Annapolis is on the way! Learn more about the juried artists and get yourself ready for this historic Plein air painting festival. 

We’re excited to welcome Beth Bathe from Lancaster, Pennsylvania as a juried artist for Paint Annapolis 2022! Primarily painting in oil en plein air since 2013, Beth participates in high profile competitions from Maine to Washington State, for a total of ten to twenty a year.  Her paintings have won numerous awards and honors.

Join us tonight via Zoom at 5 PM for a Wil Talk with Beth and art historian Dr. Wil Scott to learn about Beth’s art and career.

(Above) Beth Bathe

“I like to celebrate the beauty in things that have gone beyond their prime, and do so before they crumble or fall down”

– Beth Bathe
“Waiting For The Weekend,” oil on panel, Beth Bathe

Beth was a featured artist in the 2018 February/March issue of PleinAir Magazine. A Virginia Commonwealth University graduate, Beth is highly influenced by American Regionalist painter Andrew Wyeth. She refers to much of her subject matter as “the vanishing landscape.”

“Jimmy”, oil on panel, Beth Bathe

“I like what happens when I apply the first washes of diluted color. I want there to be drips and splashes I can carve into with brushes, Q-tips, paper towels, and other tools. The process of adding and subtracting paint takes me to places where the painting needs to go. The paint takes on a naturalness with its own organic, flowing, dripping qualities. In the end, many finished paintings have the look of tinted photographs because the main image is rendered in warm sepia and enhanced with veils and spots of local color.”

– Beth Bathe
“Hooper Straight Lighthouse,” oil, Beth Bathe

The first question of many viewers is about the medium Beth works with. Is it watercolor, is it oil? Beth’s answer: “somewhat both.” She works with Water Mixable Oil Colors in a limited tonalist palette, using both brushes and a handful of unconventional tools.

“Mids in Masks,” oil on panel, Beth Bathe

Painting primary on location allows Beth to catch her subject at a specific time, ideally when the light and shadows play on the surface creating drama and emotion. She teaches classes and leads workshops at her studio, Short Dog Studio, where she shares her space with her photographer partner and two cardigan welsh corgis. She is represented by several galleries on the east coast and Midwest. Learn more about Beth on her website here.

Join Beth as one of the public artists for this year’s Paint Annapolis Plein air festival. Learn more

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