Paint Annapolis is on the way! Learn more about the juried artists and get yourself ready for this historic Plein air painting festival. 

We’re excited to welcome Melanie Landrith from Media, Pennsylvania as a juried artist for Paint Annapolis 2022! Melanie first experienced Plein Air Painting at a summer course at the University of New Hampshire in 2000. In 2017, she left her corporate career and started painting on a daily basis. 

(Above) Melanie Landrith

With her previous job, Melanie had the opportunity to travel to many places both around the US and the World. Prior to COVID, she was asked to travel to Mexico and create a series of paintings for Urban Mosaico at their respite center near Mexico City. Melanie has also traveled to Israel and Australia in addition to numerous European countries.  She has drawn inspiration from many of these locations.

“Easton Station,” oil, by Melanie Landrith

I think when you see a place on a daily basis, you take it for granted. As a visitor, you pay more attention and appreciate it more.

– Melanie Landrith
“Slow Spill,” oil, by Melanie Landrith

Melanie enjoyed the opportunity to watch a pancake sunrise over Alaska’s North Slope, and to be in coastal and marine environments. She was surprised to discover pitcher plants in the wild in swamps in South Carolina.

“Before the Storm,” oil, by Melanie Landrith

I feel we are all related in some way, and the experiences of visiting and painting a wide variety of places and subjects makes us appreciate the local beauty even more. The spontaneity and synchronicity of places and events is something I appreciate more each year.

Melanie Landrith

“Turquoise Waters,” oil, by Melanie Ann Landrith

Learn more about Melanie and read more of her many travels and achievements on her website here.

Join Melanie for this year’s Paint Annapolis plein air festival and register to participate as a public artist. Learn more at

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