Paint Annapolis is on the way! Learn more about the juried artists and get yourself ready for this historic Plein air painting festival. 

We’re excited to welcome Gary Tucker from Boston, Massachusetts as a juried artist for Paint Annapolis 2023! Gary works both in the studio and in plein air with an equal passion for both, he even thinks they feed off of one another in a complimentary way.

(above) Gary Tucker

Tucker studied oil painting during his time at Boston Museum School, but in his final year there, he found watercolor. Ever since discovering watercolor, he has spent his life determined to master this medium.

“Cleaning the Marketplace”, watercolor, by Gary Tucker, 11″ x 14″

“Through the media of watercolor and my process of painting, I find power through brushwork, and subtlety through transparency. Watercolor differs from other media in that there is a performance aspect to it. The fine pieces come out in one sitting and very often like a classic performance, something happens, a fusion of mind and subject, an improvisation that cannot be duplicated.”

-Gary Tucker
“Delayed”, watercolor, by Gary Tucker, 12″ x 18″

Gary is published in many art publications, the most recent being in SPLASH Awards Best of Watercolor for his painting “Delayed” (seen in the image above). The article was featured in The Best of Watercolor Magazine.

“Barnacle Bill”, watercolor, by Gary Tucker, 14″ x 14″

Although he paints various subject matters, it is evident that he focuses his work on urban themes and the working man (as seen in “Barnacle Bill”, “Delayed”, “Jeff’s World”, and “Cleaning the Marketplace”).

“Rainy Day, Prague”, watercolor, by Gary Tucker, 14″ x 12″

In Cape Ann plein air, Gary won Best Working Harbor and the People’s Choice Award with a painting of the Gloucester Harbor. Gary exhibits regularly in Boston and the North Shore. He is an Artist Member of the Salmagundi Club, New York City, and the Copley Society, Boston, MA, and a signature member of the New England Watercolor Society. Recent awards include Ogden Pleissner Memorial Award – Member Exhibition 2021, Northshore Arts Association Best Watercolor “Our Lady of the Fortunate Voyage,” November Plein Air Salon Best Watercolor “Merchant of Venice” by juror Brian Blood, November BoldBrush Competition “Cicchetti and Friends”, and Artist Camp Award for “First Light” selected by fellow artists at Plein Air Texas October 202

“Jeff’s World”, watercolor, by Gary Tucker, 14″ x 16″

Learn more about Gary on his website here.

Join Gary for this year’s Paint Annapolis plein air festival and register to participate as a public artist. Learn more at

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