Thoughtful Thursday: Fogaholics Unite!

We're thinking about Stormy Weather this week, as we close out the year, with just a few days left for entry to one of our favorite shows at the Annapolis Maritime Museum! Thus, we were particularly struck by the unique images of Nick Steinberg's exploration of fog in San Francisco and how this dynamic weather … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursday: Fogaholics Unite!

Thoughtful Thursday

For today's Thoughtful Thursday, we turn to Ikeda Manabu and his incredibly intricate masterpiece, Rebirth. This extraordinary interpretation of the natural world is the type of artwork that we love to see in our annual Stormy Weather exhibit - take a moment to get inspired for your own entry, by December 28!

Thoughtful Thursday: Watch Your Head

And now another piece of inspiration for those of you preparing your entries for Art on Paper! If you've spent any time on the internet in the last few months, you might have already stumbled across the work of Chinese paper artist, Li Hongbo. He is a sculptor whose work is rooted in the traditions … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursday: Watch Your Head

Thoughtful Thursday: Reclamation of an Ancient Art

We love when art pushes societal boundaries and makes a statement. Nowhere is this more true than in the powerful show by Kehinde Wiley, recently featured by Public Radio International.  "Wiley currently has a show at the Petit Palais in Paris called “Lamentation.” It features 10 monumental works in stained glass and oil on canvas. Each portrays … Continue reading Thoughtful Thursday: Reclamation of an Ancient Art


So what is Giving Tuesday and why should you care? Well....first there was "Black Friday" - a term popularized in the 1980s as the day businesses went from being in the "red" to being in the "black." Then came "Cyber Monday," a term first used in 2005 with the rise of online shopping. "Small Business Saturday" appeared in 2010 … Continue reading Why #GIVINGTUESDAY

Thankful Thursday: 5 Things the MFA is Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving! While you all are cooking, eating, and watching football today, we know you're also thinking about the things in your life that make you thankful - and so are we. Here are just a few of the things we're grateful for this holiday season: 1.The dogs that pass through our doors!   Who wouldn't love … Continue reading Thankful Thursday: 5 Things the MFA is Thankful For

Can Art Be Scary?

It's finally fall, which means PSL's, infinity scarves, and my favorite holiday: Halloween, the one holiday where it's socially acceptable to walk around in corsets and animal ears. The images we put on ourselves are, historically, supposed to scare one another. The practice of dressing up for Halloween was started by the Celts when on All Hallows … Continue reading Can Art Be Scary?

Collector’s Choice 2016…a 40th Anniversary to be remembered!

It's been a week since Collector's Choice 2016, so now seems like the perfect time for a recap of all of our favorite moments from the event. If you made it out, relive the highlights with us - and if you couldn't make it, now's your chance to see what you missed! After a flurry of … Continue reading Collector’s Choice 2016…a 40th Anniversary to be remembered!