Paint Annapolis Spotlight 2021: Craig Reynolds

As a young man, Craig learned a deep appreciation for the outdoors, old farms, and barnacle-laden harbors with their history told by well-worn scars and patina earned from years of hard work. His father taught him to use his talents to record these memories with paint and canvas. Craig began painting professionally in 1984 while also maintaining his professional career. He began his full-time professional art business in 2005.

Paint Annapolis Spotlight 2021: Carol Cowie

A native of Maryland, Carol has lived in the Metropolitan DC area and now lives in Annapolis. Carol began her career as an accomplished art director/graphic designer working at national advertising agencies. Eventually, she started her own design business and her primary client was National Geographic. Her design background has given her a solid foundation of the value of strong ideas, composition, and color in her approach to painting.

Paint Annapolis Spotlight 2021: Raymond Ewing

Raymond Ewing grew up in the scenic mountains of western Maryland. The southern Maryland landscape now serves as inspiration for many of his paintings. For the past ten years, Ray has taken his painting outdoors. His interest in painting en Plein air has coincided with the revival of the movement. He has been juried into prestigious events along the east coast and has earned several awards.

Paint Annapolis Spotlight 2021: Beth Bathe

Beth Bathe is an artist currently residing in Lancaster, PA. She has a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and has had her own graphic design business, Bathe Design, for 26 years. Her fine art oil paintings include figurative, still life, and landscapes. She has become very involved in the Plein air movement and also teaches classes and workshops at her studio, Short Dog Studio, in Ephrata, PA.

Paint Annapolis Spotlight 2021: Crista Pisano

Born and raised in northern New Jersey, Crista began painting in oils in 1989 under the instruction of John Phillip Osborne at the Ridgewood Art Institute in Ridgewood, NJ. She graduated from the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in 2000, receiving a Bachelors's of fine arts painting, and in 2003, she received a Master's Degree in Fine arts Painting from the New York Academy Graduate School of Figurative Art.

Me & My Art Monday: Meet Pat O’Brien

This week's featured artist:   Pat O'Brien, new member: ME:  I am a Pittsburgh native who moved to Baltimore to begin my electrical engineering career with a defense company. Four children later, the call of my paint brushes lured me to pursue a career in art; particularly wall murals and work on canvas. My focus is … Continue reading Me & My Art Monday: Meet Pat O’Brien

Me & My Art Monday: Meet Cynthia Angeles

This week's featured artist:   Cynthia Angeles, new member: ME:  Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, I live and paint in Washington, DC.  I loved drawing as a child but concentrated on piano for many years until losing two beloved teachers to cancer. In my sadness and frustration, I took a multi-level art class. Painting has since … Continue reading Me & My Art Monday: Meet Cynthia Angeles

Me & My Art Monday: Meet Anne Cooper Sieling

Meet this week's featured artist, Anne Cooper Sieling, member since 2006: ME:  Born and bred in Baltimore County, I married an Annapolitan and have lived here for 37 years, during which sailing was a large part of my life. Graduating from the College of Notre Dame in Baltimore with a degree in Communication Arts, I … Continue reading Me & My Art Monday: Meet Anne Cooper Sieling

Me & My Art Monday: Meet Lee Boynton

This week's featured artist:  Lee Boynton, member early years in Annapolis, then rejoined MFA in 2012: ME: I was born and raised in Southport, CT, and spent a lot of my childhood and on the water, racing and cruising along the coast of New England. The sea became the spawning ground for my passion for art and I yearned … Continue reading Me & My Art Monday: Meet Lee Boynton