Paint Annapolis 2022 Spotlight: Stacey Perrine Sass

"The aqueous quality of watercolor paint make it a natural match for the depiction of the Chesapeake Bay region via plein air painting. I love living in this vibrant area which magically melds the natural with the man-made and marvel at the tenacious people who make a living from the water." - Stacey Perrine Sass

Paint Annapolis 2022 Spotlight: Kristin Hill

"There is a visual language we humans learn while experiencing life on Earth. It is my quest as an artist to decipher this visual language and learn to speak it eloquently as I explore worlds within and without. It could be said that I am finally coming down to Earth as I delve into painting plein air, landscape, still life, human figure, monotype and skyscape subjects." - Kristin Hill

Paint Annapolis 2022 Spotlight: Ahmed Ansari

"My favorite subjects to paint are the wide vistas of mountain ranges, the ocean and marshlands. I particularly enjoy painting marshland and water; marshland grass is deceivingly simple until one spends time with it in different lights and seasons. Painting wide vistas of any kind reminds me of God’s majesty and I’m continuously humbled and in awe." -Ahmed Ansari