Paint Annapolis 2022 Spotlight: Kristin Hill

"There is a visual language we humans learn while experiencing life on Earth. It is my quest as an artist to decipher this visual language and learn to speak it eloquently as I explore worlds within and without. It could be said that I am finally coming down to Earth as I delve into painting plein air, landscape, still life, human figure, monotype and skyscape subjects." - Kristin Hill

Paint Annapolis 2022 Spotlight: Ahmed Ansari

"My favorite subjects to paint are the wide vistas of mountain ranges, the ocean and marshlands. I particularly enjoy painting marshland and water; marshland grass is deceivingly simple until one spends time with it in different lights and seasons. Painting wide vistas of any kind reminds me of God’s majesty and I’m continuously humbled and in awe." -Ahmed Ansari

Paint Annapolis 2022 Spotlight: Kirk Larsen

"Plein air painting combines two of the greatest things on the planet… being outdoors and creating art. I love discovering new places and having the opportunity and challenge to capture the feeling, the vibe and essence of that place whether it be dramatic or serene in paint, right there on the spot. The subject can be spectacular or mundane and the act of painting it brings a closeness and familiarity just as much as getting to know a person. The joy of that creation can then be multiplied tenfold when someone gets to take that piece home and share that joy with others, for generations to come." - Kirk Larsen

Paint Annapolis 2022 Spotlight: Jackie Clark

"The thing that I most love about Plein Air painting is having the opportunity to try and completely absorb the essence of a place; to sit or stand for 2 to 3 hours, focused on all that it is, a living biosphere. No earbuds, no music, and hopefully no distractions. I share the space with whatever is out there with me, respect the quiet of it, and leave no trace. Then if all goes well, I walk away with a little piece of the experience on a panel to share the meditation."

Paint Annapolis 2022 Spotlight: Mat Barber Kennedy

"Being an artist is a lifelong quest to communicate ideas. You are going to write better literature when you know the alphabet and have a decent vocabulary. Those are the essential building blocks. Without good language skills, you can’t even express a bad idea well, let alone a great one. There are lots of things that I try in the studio that fail, but every success gets added to my tool belt and expands my vocabulary."

Paint Annapolis 2022 Spotlight: Richard Sneary

An architect and renowned architectural illustrator, Richard Sneary has over the last 3 years also begun painting en plein air in watercolor. His background as an architect and illustrator of architecture often compels him to include something of the built environment, whether it's a town square, back yards, an alley, old derelict structure, marina, trains...