Congrats Artists! Love is Airborne Awards

Love in the time of quarantine. It's been hard, to say the least. Weathering this storm single, being alone with your partner for a whole year, or seeing loved ones in a little box on a screen - it's definitely been different. This show celebrates and censured how we have tried to stay together during this difficult year. 

Our First Digital Collector’s Choice – Here’s How it Went

Collector's Choice is MFA's longest-running fundraiser and the most fun you can have at a lottery. Usually, we gather at Volvo Cars Annapolis for food, drinks, and the smooth voice of Alex Cortright calling numbers through the night. You can see what a normal Collector's Choice is like by watching this This year, things were … Continue reading Our First Digital Collector’s Choice – Here’s How it Went

Happy Maryland Day – 5 Maryland Artists MFA Loves

Today, Maryland celebrates its formal founding as a colony in the 1600s. From the bay to the mountains, this is a beautiful state that MFA gets to call home, and to celebrate, we're showing off some Maryland-based artists that you should really know about.