Paint Annapolis is on the way! Learn more about the juried artists and get yourself ready for this historic Plein air painting festival. 

We’re excited to welcome Martin Geiger from Staunton, Virginia as a juried artist for Paint Annapolis 2023!

(above) Martin Geiger

Martin was born in Charlottesville, Virginia as the son of two oil painters. Making his preferred medium also oil, but over time drawing has become an indispensable companion as well. Geiger says he sees the world itself as an immense playground meaning to him everything that surrounds him feels and looks intensely interesting at all times.

“Roanoke Elevator”, oil on linen, by Martin Geiger, 14″ x 20″

This interest Martin has in his surroundings makes him feel as though there is something that is just beneath the surface that is important and creating art is his best attempt to excavate that feeling of these ever-present patterns to show them to the world.

“Foundry Interior”, oil on linen, by Martin Geiger, 87″ x 69″

There is a nonstop sense of “being called by reality”, for Geiger so there is a variety of subjects in his works, from figure compositions to complex architecture to even landscapes. Although the common theme that draws to those subjects in the work is light, space, and design.

“New Bern White House”, oil on linen, by Martin Geiger, 12″ x 12″

Some of Geiger’s most recent grants and awards include Best of Show Plein Air New Bern in New Bern North Carolina, First Place Plein Air Roanoke in Roanoke Virginia, and the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant.

“Robert’s Table”, oil on linen, by Martin Geiger, 32″ x 20″

Learn more about Martin on his website here.

Join Martin for this year’s Paint Annapolis plein air festival and register to participate as a public artist. Learn more at

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