Yesterday, artists finished up work for Paint Annapolis 2020, which means today we’ll be having a reception! Click here to register for the online reception to be the first to see who won what for this year’s Paint Annapolis 2020 – and then come see the pieces in person at Circle Gallery and our Pop Up Gallery at 186 Main Street.

Check out the art from all days of Paint Annapolis here. See what 80 artists have been painting in and around this beautiful historic city.

Jackie Clark working on a piece on Maryland Ave, by Bob Peterson

Yesterday was a little warm and a little hazy, which meant it was a good day to finish what had to be finished and then drop everything off at the gallery. Both Circle Gallery and our Pop Up Gallery are now filled with work for people to come see, plus our online gallery is almost completely updated and should be before our reception tonight at 6:30.

Stewart White on the State House grounds, by Bob Peterson

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